Xbox One Backward Compatible Games List – all older games you can play today


With the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on the way, Microsoft has announced that no more games will be added to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Library. While you might be disappointed, it’s because the focus is now on the next generation of backwards compatibility. What this could bring remains to be seen. Will all three of us be playable Xbox generations on what’s next? Will it be built in capacity or a tailor-made game-by-game approach as is currently the case? Whatever happens, it’s exciting.

While there are no more backward compatible Xbox One games added to this list, it is still an impressive collection of games. We’ve compiled them all here for easy navigation, so if you’ve got a stack of old games lying around, why not see if they’re now playable on Xbox One? There’s a certain magic to replaying and enjoying the games of yesteryear on a modern console – and all that hard drive space allows you to clear your closet and go digital with your Xbox game collection. If you need the best Xbox One accessories to play it, be sure to check out our roundup.

Xbox One Backward Compatible Games A to C

Xbox One Backward Compatible Games R to L

Xbox One H to M Backward Compatible Games

Xbox One N to Z Backward Compatible Games

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