What happened to the host of “Halloween Wars”? Who is Zak Bagans?



One of the most tension-laden TV shows, Halloween wars captures the fierce competition between teams of some of the most skillful bakers, cake and sugar artists, and more.

Season 11 of Halloween wars features rising stars like Corterrius “DaCakeGoat” Allen and Holly Webster. This year’s judges include Eddie Jackson, Aarti Sequeira and, of course, Halloween wars veteran Shinmin Li. But who’s the host?

Ghost adventurer and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans animates season 11 of “Halloween Wars”.

Paranormal investigator and go-to expert on all things scary, Zak Bagans has appeared in television series before Paranormal challenge and Mortal goods before getting his hosting gig. Most viewers are bound to recognize it from Ghost adventures, which chronicles his attempts to establish contact with paranormal entities.

At Halloween Wars, Zak provides extremely talented and incredibly creative contestants with the inspiration to deliver exceptionally terrifying cakes.

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Before landing the new gig on Halloween Wars, Zak has also produced shows like To help! My house is haunted. His latest projects include Destination Fear, The haunted museum, and Manson lineage.

Additionally, he is the owner of Las Vegas’ landmark, The Haunted Museum, whose exhibits will be a major source of inspiration for contestants throughout Season 11 of Halloween wars.

“Viewers love our Halloween lineup, a massive, multi-week event full of scares, delicacies, exciting competitions and spectacularly spooky edible-themed creations,” Food Network President Courtney White explained via a Press release. “Every year, we strive to surpass ourselves.

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“With Zak Bagans inspiring the scariest season of Halloween wars however, with the return of favorites Halloween Pastry Championship and Outrageous pumpkins, Food Network has all the Halloween tricks and treats and more, ”she added.

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Previous hosts of “Halloween Wars” include magician Justin Willman and Jonathan Bennett.

Zak’s appointment marks a significant change for Halloween wars. In its first incarnation, the beloved show was hosted by Justin Willman, a magician, comedian and mastermind behind TV shows like Netflix’s. Magic for humans. Justin has also hosted other Food Network shows like Cupcake Wars. Anyway, he moved on to new pastures after just a few years, appearing on Justin Willman: Turn of the mouth and many more.

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Rossi Morreale, a football player turned TV personality, replaced Justin on Halloween wars circa 2015, encouraging contestants to hone their unparalleled skills and come up with the spookiest desserts and sweet concoctions.

But Rossi’s reign on the show didn’t last that long. His successor, Bad girls alum Jonathan Bennett, turned the concert into a real success, gaining popularity with viewers and contestants alike thanks to his charismatic personality and his vast knowledge of all things cooking.

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In addition to Halloween wars, Jonathan hosted Cupcake wars and other Food Network shows like Holiday wars. The Burn Cookbook, his cookbook filled to the brim with Bad girls-inspired recipes, released in 2018.

Watch the new episodes of season 11 of Halloween wars every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on Food Network.



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