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October 21, 1926: Northern Wisconsin deer, which this year is due to be hunted and slaughtered legally in the first ten days of December, get some help thanks to a legislative blunder that effectively prohibits any hunter from shipping their deer after have killed him legally, says the Milwaukee Journal. The mistake is that the legislator did not change the dates of the law governing the shipment of deer to correspond to the modified dates of the hunting season.

The Grand Theater was showing “The Flaming Frontier”, advertised as “greater than any other Western drama in three years of creation”.

October 17, 1946: Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Jeter, mother of John Jeter of that town, whose mind is so clear that she vividly remembers incidents that occurred during a boxcar journey from Virginia to the land of Illinois in 1849, a celebrated its 102nd birthday on Saturday September 28. 1946, at the home of his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Jeter of Welsh, La.

The Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association portable x-ray bus will be at Hayward High School. Hayward received these x-rays again by winning the Christmas Seal Sales Contest which is sponsored by schools each year.

September 28, 1961: A 42 “18-lb. Musky was recently taken out of Lower Twin Lake by Gene Kaecker of Ashton, Ill., While on vacation at Kateri Lodge. His wife, who accompanied him on the fishing, had to help him hoist the lunker into the boat.

The Lake Superior District Power Co. ran a fall lighting campaign, offering a free 150-watt bulb when one presented a coupon from the Record to dealers.

October 21, 1971: The long-awaited commemorative bottles of the Jim Beam Musky Decanter arrived last Friday for distribution in the Hayward area under escort of local law enforcement officers.

Wanaki staff at Hayward High School issued a request for help because “our Hayward High School journal files have been destroyed. In rebuilding our files of old Namekagon Specials and Hayward Hi-Lites, we ask for your help, citizens of Hayward, who may have saved issues of the school diary. If you have back issues, from the years 1939 to 1970, please drop them off at the school office.

John Olson and Julie Hubbell will represent the seniors on the reunion ground; juniors – Mark Eder and Carmen Dieckman; sophomores, Robert Fadness and Georgette Long and freshmen – David Greene and Lynn Kelsey. These boys were chosen by their respective classes from the members of the football team.

October 14, 1981: Debated in the public sector for over a decade and long ‘on hold’ with the executive and legislative branches of government, the ELF Project received President Reagan’s endorsement last week in what the ELF proponent, Harry Thibedeau, Hayward, called “the most important decision in the history of the project.” The Pentagon announced Thursday that President Reagan had approved construction of a significantly scaled-down version of the ultra-low-frequency communications system and indicated the project’s completion path, with the permanent system intact in 1986.

Mary J. Conrad, 32, Sheboygan, was sentenced to up to two years at Taycheedah Home for Women by Sawyer County Circuit Court Judge Alvin L. Kelsey on Friday after being convicted of ‘helping a criminal. Conrad, who argued the charge without question, was linked to the flight of Brian L. Hussong, 31, who escaped from Fox Lake Correctional Institute on August 28 and was later identified as the companion of Conrad when she was pulled over at a routine traffic check in Hayward on August 30.


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