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Searching for the newest free Xbox Video games with Gold titles? You then’ve come to the best place. We’re now heading for Could 2021, which implies there’s a complete new record of free video games to check out if you happen to’re an Xbox Stay Gold member.

Xbox Stay Gold and Video games Move Final subscribers will have the ability to declare 4 video games this month, beginning on Could 1 with Armello on Xbox Collection X/S and Xbox One, and for Xbox 360 homeowners (and thru Xbox One backward compatibility) Lego Batman will likely be accessible to obtain without cost.

Later in Could (and a bit bit into June), subscribers will have the ability to declare Dungeons three on Xbox Collection X/S and Xbox One and Tropico four for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

April noticed the addition of co-op slasher Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and cult Xbox 360 shooter Darkish Void free for subscribers amongst others, and we’ll replace this web page when the Video games with Gold for June 2021 are introduced.

Here’s a nearer take a look at the video games coming this Could and an summary of Video games With Gold which have come earlier than:

Xbox Video games with Gold (Could 2021)

Armello (Out there Could 1 – 31 on Xbox Collection X/S and Xbox One)

Armello is a deep technique sport that mixes a fantastical turn-based board sport setting with tactical card play and deck constructing.

In the event you’ve been loving Xbox Sport Move’s technique sport choices, from Age of Empires to XCOM 2, then Armello’s tackle turn-based ways might be proper up your alley.

Dungeons three (Out there Could 16 – June 15 on Xbox Collection X/S and Xbox One)

Extra technique is coming to Xbox Collection X/S and Xbox One this month within the type of Dungeons three: a real-time technique sport about taking on the world with a military of demonic minions.

Throw zombies, demons, goblins and extra into your evil empire and put these no-good heroes of their place for a change as Dungeons three involves Xbox Video games with Gold later within the month.

Lego Batman (Out there Could 1 to 15 on Xbox Collection X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

This basic Xbox 360 title enables you to take management of the Bat and lots extra DC heroes and villains. A platforming collect-a-thon with tons to see and do, Lego Batman is an ideal selection for youths and co-op household play.

Tropico four (Out there Could 16 – 31 on Xbox Collection X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Ever needed to know what it might be prefer to run your personal banana republic? Properly, that chance is now yours when Tropico four hits Video games with Gold later within the month.

As El Presidente, you run the present, and your political selections will have an effect on how your island is run, in addition to the enemies and allies you make alongside the best way.

Xbox Video games with Gold (April 2021)

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard (Out there April 1 – 30 on Xbox Collection X/S and Xbox One)

This motion RPG set in a world of Norse mythology enables you to workforce up with a good friend for two participant co-op, controlling fearsome viking warriors and combating evil forces on the shores of Midgard.

In the event you liked Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and you’re looking for another hefty helping of Nordic nonsense, then Vikings: Wolves of Midgard might well be what you’re after.

Truck Racing Championship (Available April 16 – May 15 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

Truck Racing Championship might not appeal to everyone, but it might still be one for your dad to check out, if they’re into racing simulators with a specific twist.

For the target audience, Truck Racing Championship could be a worthwhile time sink, featuring 45 trucks as well as 5 single player and multiplayer modes.

Dark Void (Available April 1 – 15 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

This Xbox 360 shooter came from the era of Capcom experimenting with more Western game design sensibilities. It’s a short game that ends rather abruptly, but it had some unique ideas that are well worth checking out.

Dark Void lets players switch pretty seamlessly between both ground and air combat via your character’s trusty jetpack and, now that we think about it, precious few games feature jetpacks as a gameplay mechanic. Just something for all you aspiring game devs to keep in mind.

Hard Corps: Uprising (Available April 16 – 30 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

This feature-rich run and gun shooter from Arc System Works is simply one of the best games from the Xbox Live Arcade era. A spin-off of Konami’s Contra series, Hard Corps: Uprising packs in 8 brutally difficult levels, tons of powerups and a blistering metal soundtrack that elevates the experience.

Rising Mode allows you to consistently improve your character through upgrades, and is the easier alternative to Arcade Mode which presents a more classic, lives-based experience. Either way, play solo or team up with a buddy for one of the Xbox 360’s most high octane shooters.

Xbox Games with Gold (March 2021)

Warface: Breakout (Available March 1 – 31 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

If you’re looking for a new multiplayer first-person shooter to sink into, then Warface: Breakout might be well worth a look.

Warface prides itself on satisfying gunplay and crucial team communication. If you’ve got a close-knit squad of friends with a knack for cooperation, Warface could end up being your next gaming fix.

Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse (Available March 16 – April 15 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

Lovers of arcade-style twin-stick shooting action might want to check out Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse, or VALA for short. This tongue-in-cheek shooter for 1-4 players also supports Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning you can continue your game from Xbox to PC and vice versa.

VALA sees players piloting mechs and slaying hordes of enemy llamas. With a concept like that, how can the game not be worth at least a quick session or two?

Metal Slug 3 (Available March 1 – 15 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Often considered the best game in the long-running series, Metal Slug 3 treats players to even more tough-as-nails, run ‘n’ gun arcade action, complete with co-op support for two players.

Metal Slug 3 sees you fighting against enemy soldiers, zombies, yetis, robots, aliens and more. It’s a wild game to say the least, but its insanely tight gameplay and iconic sprite-based graphics have definitely stood the test of time.

Port Royale 3 (Available March 16 – 31 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

If Sea of Thieves has you in the mood for more swashbuckling adventures, then Port Royale 3 might just scratch that pirating itch.

Players are tasked with heading a fleet of ships, with which you can become a lucrative trader or a dastardly sea dog living a life of plunder. To be honest, the latter sounds far more appealing to us.

Xbox Games with Gold (February 2021)

Resident Evil (Available February 1 – 28 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

Survival horror fans who have not yet experienced the original Resident Evil will find the definitive version of the game right here in this critically acclaimed remake.

Often considered one of the greatest gaming remakes of all time, Resident Evil recreates the Spencer Mansion incident in stunning detail with updated backgrounds, character models, story details and more areas than before.

Gears 5 (Available February 1 – 28 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

Gears 5 is the latest and arguably greatest entry in the long-running series to date, continuing the story of Kait Diaz and her comrades.

The game’s campaign is fully playable in 3-player co-op, with one of those players controlling a handy robotic assistant. All the stalwarts of the Gears series also make a return, including the excellent multiplayer and classic Horde Mode.

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition (Available February 16 – March 15 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

This visually striking Metroidvania-style game is perfect for players who love exploring vast, intricately designed worlds full of dangerous enemies and platforming challenges.

Incredible pixel art and a wonderful score allow Dandara to stand out from the crowd, and it’s definitely worth a look for fans of similar games in the genre like Hollow Knight and the Shantae series.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb (Available February 1 – 15 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

Join Indy on this globe-trotting Xbox adventure that gets bonus points for being a licensed game that isn’t terrible.

Emperor’s Tomb has since become something of an interesting time capsule, looking like a catalyst between the original Tomb Raider games and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series. 

If you’re curious enough to download the game and try it for yourself, you might be surprised at just how good the game turned out to be.

Lost Planet 2 (Available February 16 – 28 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Suit up and team up with your friends in Lost Planet 2, a co-op centric third-person shooter that emphasizes combat against giant monsters in a war-torn world.

Players can pick one of multiple classes that each have tons of weapons, resources and cosmetic options to choose from. Lost Planet 2 is a bit like a futuristic Monster Hunter, and while not quite as polished as Capcom’s flagship series, it’s still a blast for some throwback fun with your friends.

Xbox Games with Gold (January 2021)

Little Nightmares (Available January 1 – 31 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

Little Nightmares is a critically acclaimed horror adventure whose eerie visuals aren’t for the easily spooked. 

If you’re willing to brave the creepy sights and sounds the game has to offer, though, you’re definitely in for a treat.

Dead Rising (Available January 16 – February 15 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

Capcom’s classic survival game starring a journalist trapped in a zombie-infested shopping mall isn’t to be missed, especially if this is your first time playing.

Dead Rising’s fully explorable mall, strict time limit and its “use what you see” approach to weaponry remains a very unique experience as the story unfolds and you help other survivors left stranded among the hordes of zombies and psychopaths in your way.

The King of Fighters XIII (Available January 1 – 15 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

The King of Fighters XIII is one of the best entries in SNK’s massive fighting game franchise. It features a huge roster of characters rendered in SNK’s impeccable sprite-based graphical style.

KOF XIII features both local and online multiplayer making it ideal for quick, scrappy sessions with friends.

Breakdown (Available January 16 – 31 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

This somewhat obscure first-person action game from the original Xbox’s library isn’t much to write home about, but the game is fascinating enough to satiate the curious.

As Derrick Cole, you’ll use supernatural powers to destroy monstrous foes and eventually escape a mysterious laboratory complex, hopefully regaining your memories in the process.

Xbox Games with Gold (December 2020)

The Raven Remastered (Available December 1 – 31 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

This thrilling mystery game is perfect for those looking to sink their teeth into a suspenseful narrative that puts you in the shoes of a constable on the hunt for the titular Raven, an esteemed thief with a remarkable talent for evading capture.

It’s got everything you’d want from a crime-ridden detective tale, including great characters and acting paired with moody locations and a twisting tale that will keep you guessing.

Bleed 2 (Available December 16 – January 15 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One)

Bleed 2 is a shockingly fun run ‘n’ gun shooter with a strong focus on precision aiming and a breakneck gameplay pace.

The main campaign is over in the blink of an eye, but multiple characters and difficulty levels keep Bleed 2’s replay value surprisingly high.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell (Available December 1 – 15 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

This humorous, bite-sized follow-up to Saints Row 4 puts players in the role of loveable rogues Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington as they fight through Hell in an effort to save their boss’s soul.

Fully playable in co-op, there’s hours of fun to be had in this ridiculous open world loaded with hellish weapons, powers and events.

Stacking (Available December 16 – 31 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360)

An XBLA stalwart, Stacking is an inventive game that involves the player inhabiting a variety of Russian dolls, using their powers to solve a variety of puzzles.

Stacking has aged well thanks to its unique gameplay and artsy visual style that’s as vintage as it is astonishing.

Xbox Games with Gold (November 2020)

Aragami: Shadow Edition (Available November 1 – 30 on Xbox One)

Take on the role of an undead assassin with power over the shadows. Aragami is a journey full of violence and dark secrets which will put your stealth skills to the test.

Better yet, grab a friend and play through the campaign online! Aragami also supports cross-platform play, which means you don’t both need to be on Xbox.

Swimsanity! (Available November 16 – December 15 on Xbox One)

We hope you’re ready for some four-player co-op mayhem. You and your friends can work together or face off to become the last Mooba standing. 

With over 150 challenges across 8 gaming modes, the intensity doesn’t let up in this action-packed underwater co-op shooter.

Full Spectrum Warrior (Available November 1 – 15 on Xbox 360)

This one is sure to hit you with nostalgia. Spectrum Warrior was an original Xbox game and it puts you in command of Alpha and Bravo squads, where you must ensure the survival of your group by using infantry protocols. It’s all based in an urban environment beset with danger around every corner.

Lego Indiana Jones  (Available November 16 to 30 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Don your favourite fedora and prepare to run away from snakes. This Lego adventure depicts the narrative of the classic Indiana Jones films, enhanced by the joy and wonderous creativity of Lego.

If you’re familiar with Lego Star Wars, think that but with Indiana Jones.

Xbox Games with Gold (October 2020)

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut (Available October 1 to 31 on Xbox One)

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut is exactly what you might expect: a campy ’80s throwback where you’re terrorising camp counsellors as the nefarious Skullface.

This game is available all month and is the perfect title to help get yourself in a spooky mood in the run-up to All Hallow’s Eve.

Maid of Sker (Available October 16 to November 15 on Xbox One)

Maid of Sker is more of a serious horror game coming to the service and it’s spooky enough to give you flashbacks of Resident Evil 7 in its presentation and atmosphere.

Thankfully, the game is short but that doesn’t mean you won’t be scared out of your wits if you manage to get through it!

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (Available October 1 to 15 on Xbox One, 360)

Classic platformer Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy will be available to you Xbox 360 users or through backwards compatibility on the Xbox One.

This game is more cartoonish and light-hearted than the others, offering simplistic and pleasing gameplay.

A lot of people might’ve missed this game during its first release, but you absolutely don’t want to miss out this time.

Costume Quest (Available October 16 to 31 on Xbox One, 360)

Finally, the kid-friendly Halloween tale Costume Quest will be available from October 13 right up until Halloween.

All of these games will be available to Xbox users who have an active Games Pass subscription.

Xbox Games with Gold (July 2020)

WRC 8 (Available July 1 to July 31 on Xbox One)

As the official simulation of the World Rally Championships, WRC 8 gives you the chance to get behind the wheel and go off-road in all weather conditions on more than 100 tracks across 14 different countries. 

Dunk Lords (Available July 16 to August 15 on Xbox One)

Basketball beat ’em up isn’t something you hear often enough in games. Dunk Lords is a two-on-two game that lets you battle on a variety of courts, showing off the unique skills and abilities of your character. You can either dribble to the top on your own in story mode or play with four friends.

Saints Row 2 (Available July 1 to July 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

The sequel to the hugely successful Saints Row, Saints Row 2 is an open-world game that offers true freedom. Explore, customize and cause chaos in Stilwater in your quest to restore the Saints to power and get vengeance. 

Juju (Available July 16 to July 31 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Juju is a colorful classic platforming experience that sees you journey as the shaman panda, Juju, and their lizard sidekick to save the world and Juju’s father. Expect vibrant, diverse levels and some intense big boss fights.

Saint's Row 2

(Image credit: Volition/THQ)

Xbox Games with Gold (June 2020)

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (Available June 1 to June 30 on Xbox One)

Shantae is back to save sequin land in this 2D platform adventure. This time, Shantae has lost her magic abilities and she’s forced to team up with her nemesis, Risky Boots, if she’s going to slay the monsters, lift the curse and get her magic back. 

Coffee Talk (Available June 16 to July 15 on Xbox One)

If Shantae’s adventures sound a little full on for you, why not slow things down with Coffee Talk? In this smooth, slow-paced game you play a barista who serves coffee and conversations to their customers. Chat to a wide range of characters and become immersed in their stories throughout the course of the game. 

Coffee Talk

(Image credit: Toge Productions)

Destroy All Humans! (Available June 1 to June 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Destroy All Humans is an alien invasion game with a difference—you’re the invader. Utilise all your alien weaponry to crush humanity and emerge victorious over Earth. 

Sine Mora (Available June 16 to June 30 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Since Mora is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up that makes clever use of time to stand apart in its genre. With an engrossing story mode and a challenging arcade mode it has something to appeal to everyone. 

Xbox Games with Gold (May 2020)

V-Rally 4 (Available May 1 to May 31 on Xbox One)

Looking for something a little more wild and rugged than the standard oval track? Try V-Rally 4. With a choice of more than 50 customisable cars you can enjoy off-road racing in locations around the world. 

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor—Martyr (Available May 16 to June 15 on Xbox One)

Jump into the dark and dangerous Warhammer universe as the Inquisitor, the Imperium of Man’s most powerful agent. You can go it alone or team up with up to 4 team members in the fight against the Chaos Gods.

Warhammer 40,000

(Image credit: NeoCore Games)

Sensible World of Soccer (Available May 1 to May 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Fed up with FIFA? Maybe try this 90s classic. Sensible World of Soccer is a football sim that lets you manage a wide range of clubs from all over the world. 

Overlord II (Available May 16 to May 31 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Sequel to the popular action RPG Overlord, Overlord II sees the Minions return for more destructive fun. If you’ve always fancied that you’d do quite well as an evil Overlord hell-bent on being all powerful, this is your chance to prove it. 

Xbox Games with Gold (April 2020)

Project Cars 2 (Available April 1 to April 30 on Xbox One)

Go fast in more than 180 vehicles on 140 tracks in Project Cars 2. With dynamic weather, a wide variety of track surfaces (from ice to mud and plenty in between) and several game modes Project Cars 2 is a great way to get behind the wheel and have as much fun as possible. 

Knights of Pen and Paper bundle (Available April 16 to May 15 on Xbox One)

Feel like a retro adventure? Then this pixel-art turn-based RPG could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a little meta, asking you to take on the role of in-game players who are in turn playing their characters in a pen-and-paper RPG, but offers a lot of fun. 

Project CARS 2

(Image credit: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment)

Fable Anniversary (Available April 1 to April 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

Fable Anniversary is the definitive edition of the first game in the hugely successful Fable franchise. Become a hero and forge your path, whether you choose the side of good or evil is entirely up to you but you have to be prepared to live with the consequences. 

Toybox Turbos (Available April 16 to April 30 on Xbox One and Xbox 360)

If Project Cars 2 is just a little too much realism for you there’s always Toybox Turbos. With 35 vehicles, 18 tracks and 6 modes of play this is unlikely to be a toy you get bored of quickly. 


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