The Untold Truth of Gravity Falls


“Gravity Falls” fans have grown accustomed to hearing celebrity voices in cameo roles, but there’s one voice that might sound more familiar than the rest. With her distinctive, high-pitched sound, Kristen Schaal is the voice behind Mabel Pines. According to Hirsch, getting Schaal on board was absolutely vital — in fact, the show might not have moved forward at all if she had turned down the role.

“As for Mabel, I knew from the start that it had to be Kristen Schaal or there would be no show,” Hirsch told AV Club. “I would have just stopped working. If we hadn’t had her, I probably would have stopped.” While Mabel was based on her twin sister, Hirsch revealed that the character quickly became a mix of her brother and Schaal. “We Kristen Schaal put it together, because when you have a great actress like that, you have to.”

Schaal has stated many times that she instantly connected with the character, which made Mabel’s acting easier. “I see myself in Mabel a lot,” she told Geek Dad. “I think of all the characters I’ve played, Mabel is probably the closest to who I really am. It’s very easy to play her. I was a clumsy little girl with braces and long brown hair. , and I know I just would have had a ball at the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls.”


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