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These fun tabletop RPGs are all about the life of aliens, monsters, robots, or cryptids trying to blend into perfectly normal humans.

While many tabletop RPGs focus on fantastic settings like Dungeons & Dragons, some humorous TTRPGs take different routes. These typically involve games about monsters, aliens, robots, demons, and cryptids desperately trying to keep their human disguises among their human neighbors. Gamers who like video games like Octodad or TV shows like What we do in the shadows will enjoy these role plays on “perfectly normal humans”.

A large number of people in the modern world suffer from impostor syndrome – the fear that members of their social group will notice them and dismiss them for being a so-called fake. Impostor syndrome and the struggle to ‘fit in’ underlies most of the tabletop role-playing games below, but in a humorous way. In fun movies, TV shows, and video games with aliens, robots, and monsters hidden among humanity, creatures in disguise frequently attempt to impersonate humans who only betray the fact that they have something to hide.

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Many of these TTRPGs have narrative rules and game modes themed around interactions and conversations between players and NPCs – PCs trying to blend in, NPCs rummaging and digging through gaps in PC stories. There can be moments of combat, espionage, sabotage and flight in these tabletop games. But just as often, the humor and drama come from the PCs who fight their way through races, cocktails, and other mundane human activities.

Humans is a fun tabletop RPG for pretending to be human

Tabletop RPG about Human impostors

Humans is a party RPG that, unlike the title, isn’t all about humans. During a session of Humans (played with six-sided dice and playing cards from a deck), a group of players portray a group of non-human creatures with human appearances and whims oozing through their disguises. The other group of players take on the role of real humans who politely pretend not to notice the quirks of their fellow party-goers, even as their quirks become more pronounced.

Demon: The Descent is a TTRPG about demons disguised as humans

Tabletop RPGs like Control or Alan Wake Demon The Descent

In Demon: The Descent, an Onyx Path RPG from Chronicles of Darkness decor, demons are angelic cyborgs who have disconnected from the network of an impenetrable techno-magical divine machine. In tabletop RPG sessions of Demon: The Descent, the demon PCs strive to escape the hunter angels of the God Machine, engage in covert acts of sabotage against their former master, and explore the delicious implications of their regained freedom. To maintain their human disguises, the demons in this game make Faustian deals with humans, granting their wishes in exchange for portions of their lives – a memory, a job, a romance, a relationship – to metaphysically graft themselves onto their identity. ” Blanket “.

Skip is a TTRPG about aliens pretending to be human in American suburbs

Tabletop RPG about the passage of the impostors

Who passed, a “Powered By The Apocalypse” RPG released by Magpie Games, is about shape-shifting aliens who lay down in the American suburbs of the 1950s. Who passed draws inspiration from historic Red Scare, spy dramas and movies such as The day the earth stood still. A session of Who passed alternates between scenes of domestic life where alien PCs attempt to blend in and high-stakes spy scenes that threaten to shatter their appearance.

Low Stakes is a TTRPG inspired by what we do in the shadows

Tabletop RPG about impostors

Low stakes, recently funded on Kickstarter, is explicitly inspired by What we do in the shadows, the mock documentary and TV series about a group of goofy vampires living together in a New Zealand apartment. The players of Low stakes Play as vampires, werewolves, ghosts, spellcasters and other immortal beings residing in a modern house, rolling dice to see if they can blend in with the humans and get the better of their roommates . Like the other tabletop RPGs mentioned above, they offer fun alternatives to the typical high fantasy settings found in games like Dungeons & Dragons.

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