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Game Reviews | March 4, 2019

Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Developer: THQ Nordic
Editor: THQ Nordic
Kind: Action / Adventure / Platform
Evaluation: Everyone 10+
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Inspired by Egyptian mythology, “Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy” follows the young Sphinx as he travels through the ancient Egyptian lands to thwart Set’s evil plans.

Originally released in 2003 for a handful of consoles, including the Nintendo GameCube and the original Xbox, THQ Nordic has once again penetrated deep into the THQ library for this remastered classic for the Nintendo Switch. The remastered version has revamped the high definition graphics and looks like a perfect game for Switch portability.

I have fond memories of playing the game on the GameCube when it was originally released, but there were a lot of issues that plagued it, some that have continued on but luckily it doesn’t seem to have them. Revolutionary bugs that made it unfinable and sometimes unplayable for some players. Horrific camera angles that cause many unnecessary deaths as well as the improbably long stretches between save points are still prevalent. The graphics are great for a 16 year old game, as THQ Nordic did a great job of redesigning the characters and backgrounds, as well as putting on a brighter lick of paint and polishing the whole game. cartoon characters and sets stand out more than ever.

Over the course of the game you will come across varying degrees of platforming difficulty, 360 degree combat, puzzle solving, and some light RPG elements. As I mentioned before, the camera angles in a few areas were horrendous to the point of frustrating as the camera controls sometimes felt unstable and unresponsive and caused me a lot of grief and unnecessary death. Fixing this issue, which also plagued the original, would have made all the difference in terms of gameplay and the fun factor. As with the original, the game also lacked useful play instructions at times. This is more of a product from the gaming era when “Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy” was originally released as it is with the remastered version, but possible tweaks and tips for players would have helped get things done more easily.

With the issues of the past plaguing the game, it all sits at the heart of a fun, lightweight game that’s long overdue for a sequel. Sphinx has a lot of abilities to unlock and discover new areas and the game does a great job of turning things around so that you don’t repeat the same gameplay elements and retread the same tropes over and over again. “Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy” was one of the most underrated yet charming games of its time and, while frustrating at times, can still hold up with platform games today. Adding shorter distances between save points or a manual save option might have helped those who play Switch on the go, but overall, “Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy” is a game that should be more. than likely to be played over long periods of time.

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