Should fans expect GTA 5 to release on Android and iOS platforms?


GTA 5 is the second best-selling video game in history, and GTA Online continues to generate huge profits for Rockstar.

Many Rockstar games have been ported to Android and iOS platforms, the majority of them coming from the GTA series. Despite this, titles from the HD universe like GTA 4 and GTA 5, which are almost 13 and 7 years old respectively, do not yet have a smartphone release.

This article will examine whether GTA fans should expect an Android or iOS port of GTA 5.

Can GTA fans expect an Android / iOS release for GTA 5?

All the games they’ve released so far

Rockstar has ported many of its games to the Android / iOS platforms. This includes Bully, Max Payne, and almost every GTA 3D Universe game. Despite its clunky controls, GTA Chinatown Wars appears to be best suited for smartphones.

GTA Vice City Stories, on the other hand, hasn’t seen a smartphone release, which many blamed on music licensing struggles. However, other sources indicate that profit may have been a key factor.

Why Android ports are a bad idea for developers

Android ports in PC / console games are generally not very cost effective, and there are many reasons for this. Most of the PC / console gamers are relatively wealthy people from the first world countries. Most mobile gamers cannot spend as much money on a premium game as PC / console gamers.

In addition, mobile gaming favors paid monetization methods in free games. Those who play these games are generally more interested in casual games than a top-notch title.

Piracy is also a bigger concern here, as most players who can’t afford premium games will simply download them for free. It is also much easier to download a hacked game on Android than it is on PC or iOS.

Here’s what an independent developer felt about releasing their games on Android and Steam:

For these reasons, Rockstar may think it’s not worth wasting time and effort on a game that won’t earn them a lot of money.

Will Rockstar ever release a GTA 5 smartphone port?

At the moment, it seems highly unlikely that Rockstar will bring GTA 5 to Android / iOS. The cost of porting is barely covered by sales, as the freemium-dominated mobile market is not the best place to release quality PC / Console games.

Some gamers can claim that developers like Feral Interactive have successfully ported many famous PC titles like Rome: Total War, Tropico, and GRID. However, these games have sophisticated anti-piracy measures that make it impossible to download them for free.

GTA 5 is also much more technically complex than a smartphone can handle. Additionally, GTA 5 is already playable on Android for those who have an Xbox Game Pass or use PS Remote Play. As a result, it is unlikely to be ported to mobile devices anytime soon.

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