Laois Nationalist – A hard lesson on the hard shoulder



LAOIS / OFFALY gardaí joined colleagues from neighboring counties in issuing a warning and advice on highway driving.

Although freeways are statistically among the safest roads, when a collision does occur, it is much more likely to result in serious injury or death.

Local guards followed colleagues from the Carlow / Kilkenny / Waterford division, who yesterday issued a warning on social media about driving on the motorway.

The advice follows the deaths of two pedestrians in just three days on the M7 motorway in Kildare last week.

Reposting advice from their colleagues, the local gardaí pointed out that three busy highways pass through and through the Laois / Offaly Garda division – the M6, M7 and M8.

Gardaí said: “Our highways are statistically among our safest routes to travel. Yet when a collision does occur, it is much more likely to result in serious injury or death. For this and other reasons, there are specific rules and advice that apply to users.

The full list of regulations can be found at but here are a few points:

– Never walk or use a stroller on a highway.

– Never stop on the highway except in an emergency or on the order of a garda.

– Always make sure you have enough fuel and your car is in good condition to complete your trip.

– If you break down, leave your car as far as possible on the emergency lane before exiting the vehicle on the right side and stepping over the armco barrier, if necessary.

– Do not tailgate, respect the two-second rule.

– Do not sit on the outside lane even if you obey the speed limit on the motorway. This is to pass slower traffic.

– Do not drive on “autopilot”, remember that you must remain aware of the dangers like any other road.

– Motorway driving can be monotonous, so it is easier if you are tired to lose your concentration or even fall asleep while driving. Enjoy a rest area in a designated parking lot or gas station and if necessary, take 40 winks.

– Remember that the 120 km / h limit is a limit and not a goal and if it is raining, if there is ice or fog, you should reduce your speed appropriately. Also, keep in mind that the 120 km / h limit does not apply if you are a car towing a trailer, where a 80 km / h limit applies.

The possible consequence of stopping on the emergency lane. Garda archive photo



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