“I bet Messi will never have to do with that” – De Roon can’t donate shirts



It’s fair to say that the majority of professional footballers tend to produce pretty monotonous tariffs when it comes to their social media output.

Between robotic “great for three points” and / or “we go” releases, in general, everything is pretty predictable and mundane.

However, there are a few players whose sense of humor shines through on social media… advance Atalanta cult hero Marten De Roon!

Indeed, the Dutch international has become a staple online after establishing himself as one of the game’s most legitimately fun personalities.

Just this week De Roon enjoyed another viral smash with a little comedic vignette filmed inside the club’s official store in Bergamo, Italy.

The sketch centered on the Atalanta midfielder’s frustrated attempt to do something good for the fans by personally signing and paying for the first three ‘De Roon’ replica shirts purchased over the counter.

“I bet Messi will never have to face this,” the 30-year-old joked as the wait continued, over and over again.

There was even time to complete a puzzle, play cards, and even steal 40 winks from the locker room while De Roon strolled around. Sadly, the midfielder was ultimately forced to leave the store without signing a single jersey as staff locked doors and completed their shifts for the day.

This isn’t the first time De Roon has revealed himself to be an aspiring actor-comedian on Twitter. In fact, he regularly makes people smile with his self-deprecating jokes.

Kissing fans:


Play cool:

Rock Paper Scissors:

He even has a habit of jumping on his teammates’ serious tweets and knocking them out of the park with a pithy punchline.

He also regularly puts his amateur photoshop skills to good use, this time against Memphis Depay over the latter’s decision to get a pet liger (a hybrid of lion and tiger).

Create his own meme in reaction to his FIFA 21 stats which were, in all fairness, a mixed bag.

In fact, he really is the king of unflattering facial expression.

Here, De Roon has his eyes cloudy as he recalls the moment he was muscled by Neymar and the intimate reunion that followed the next time the couple met.

Even when things don’t go quite as planned on the pitch, the Dutchman is able to laugh at his own misfortune, easing the tension …

By mocking his own goal:

Launch a shot in orbit:

On the submarine bench:

Take all of this as proof if any proof was needed that if you aren’t already following De Roon on social media, you really should get started right away.



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