Defend a Rollover Machine as the Harvesters rout Big Spring 58-7


By John Lee | [email protected] | Twitter: @ jcl1987

The Pampas Harvesters (6-1) hosted Big Spring (5-2) in their final pre-district game on Friday night.

The defense created several turnovers and stifled the Steers ‘offense, allowing the Harvesters’ offense to overcome a slow start and do business in the 58-7 win.

“Our defense has done a great job creating take out food,” said head coach Cody Robinson. “Football is above all football. Anytime you can be opportunistic in defense, that’s a great job. We developed this mindset to do it.

“At the start of the first quarter and at half time, that’s not our standard. We want to be perfect, we weren’t happy with that from the coaches to the players. From me, all the way down our list. I had a few changes in the first quarter, put points on the board but continued to stumble. But we fought hard to come back and you will never play a perfect soccer game.

The Pampa Harvesters’ first practice came at the end of the first quarter, with practice starting at the Big Spring 45-yard line. Senior full-back Cornelius “Peanut” Landers had 10 yards and a new set of downs. Landers picked up nine more the next play, but the drive stalled at Big Spring’s 20-yard line. Senior kicker Erick Hernandez put in a 37-yard field goal to put Pampa in first place at 3-0.

After senior defensive back Cason Floyd landed Big Spring’s pass near midfielder in the practice that followed, senior quarterback Sam Anguiano hit senior back Jordan Lacy on a 47 catch. yards and ran for the touchdown. At 1:48 of the first quarter, Pampa was leading 10-0.

The Harvesters’ next scoring attack came midway through the second quarter as the Harvesters got down to business from the Pampas 38-yard line with 7:47 left in halftime. Landers started the run with a 19-yard run to move Pampa past midfielder on the Big Spring 43-yard line. A penalty moved Pampa to the 33-yard line. Three plays later, Anguiano found senior wide Jessie Alvidrez for 29 yards and put Pampa within reach. Two games later, Landers won for the touchdown, extending Pampa’s lead to 16-7.

The Harvesters’ final first-half scoring campaign began with Anguiano on a pair of completions at Landers for another set of lows. Two plays later, Anguiano ran for 20 yards and Pampa was at Big Spring’s 30-yard line. Three plays later, Anguiano found senior wide receiver Hunter Dyer on a 16-yard finish for the first Pampa inside Big Spring 20. Two plays later, Anguiano found that Alvidrez and Pampa had a lead. 23-7 at halftime.

“Jessie Alvidrez is an exceptional young man, and we have a lot of him on our team,” said Robinson. “Jessie is one of the members of our board of directors. He has a bright future ahead of him. He’s a versatile athlete and we have guys that we can move around and do certain things with and Jessie is very important to our offense because he can do so many things and create so many looks. It’s a big kid who can put their hand in the ground and block, or you can split it in half and make it vertical. He’s a good boy, he just needs to keep competing and use every ounce of his final year that he can.

The Harvesters’ first practice of the second half began with a pair of passes to senior back Jordan Lacy to move the chains down midfield to Big Spring’s 41-yard line. The next play, Landers scored a touchdown with a 41-yard sprint to the end zone. After Hernandez’s extra point, Pampa led 30-7.

The Harvesters’ next practice began with a seven-yard postponement from Landers followed by another run from Lacy to move the chains. Two plays later, Anguiano had a 35-yard goalie to move Pampa deep into enemy territory. Three games later, the Harvesters ran a backhand to Lacy who took 28 yards for the touchdown. At 3:35, Pampa was leading 37-7.

After forcing a turnaround on the downs, Pampa took over on Pampa’s 45-yard line with 1:49 remaining in the third quarter. As Big Spring’s defense started to show some life, Landers took over with a 72-yard touchdown. Hernandez’s extra point gave Pampa the huge 44-7 lead with 23 seconds left at halftime.

The Harvesters continued to force their will as junior linebacker Austin Bruce intercepted Big Spring’s pass. The next practice for Pampa was junior quarterback Miguel Campos who found Dyer on the sidelines, taking 52 yards for the touchdown. Pampa’s lead was 51-7.

The Harvesters’ defense was important in Big Spring’s next practice as Hernandez intercepted the pass and sent it back to the Big Spring 3-yard line. Two games later, Alvidrez caught the touchdown pass and Pampa led 58-7.

The Harvesters are on the week off next Friday, but Robinson said the team is “open, not closed”.

“Your biggest opponent is always yourself,” said Robinson. “We have to keep working on ourselves and put our football team under the microscope. We have to look for ways to improve ourselves and we want to balance that with a little rest. We’re going to go out and serve our community, roll up our sleeves and get dirty.

“At the start of the week off, we have a lot of work to do. It’s exciting for me. Just go watch a movie, say who our 11 best kids are for each situation. That’s what we’re going to do on all three sides of the ball.

Unofficial statistics

Sam Anguiano went 10-20 for 124 yards and two touchdowns; Miguel Campos went 2-3 for 55 yards and two touchdowns.

Cornelius “Peanut” Landers had 174 yards and three touchdowns on 18 carries; Jordan Lacy had two carries for 25 yards and a touchdown; Sam Anguiano had three carries for 39 yards.

Jordan Lacy had five catches for 60 yards and a touchdown; Jessie Alvidrez had three catches for 41 yards and two touchdowns; Hunter Dyer had two catches for 64 yards and a touchdown.

Austin Bruce, Cason Floyd and Erick Hernandez each had interceptions.

Erick Hernandez went 1-2 in goal from the field, making a 37-yard goal.


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