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The two RGT and Red Dead Redemption are some of Rockstar’s biggest franchises. GTA continues to make money and Red Dead Redemption has argued that it is here to stay after the success of the second game. With both games having a lot in common with their approach to open-world gameplay, some have theorized whether the two games have a lot in common with their approach to open-world gameplay. two series are actually connected.

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Rockstar noticed this and decided to have a bit of fun with the idea, including winking at GTA in Red Dead Redemption and vice versa. These nods and Easter eggs seem to indicate that the two may in fact be connected to each other.

The Dutch name drops a character from GTA IV

Dutch name drops Aiden O'Malley (left) who was a character in GTA IV (right)

After a bank robbery goes horribly wrong, Arthur, Dutch, and some of the gang escape from Saint Denis on a ship that is then wrecked, stranding them on Guarma Island. It doesn’t take long before they are captured by the island’s overlords, the Spanish imperialists. When asked about their identity, Dutch identifies as Aiden O ‘Malley.

Aiden O ‘Malley was a minor character in GTA IV whose game protagonist Niko Bellic is tasked with killing in the Tunnel of Death mission. Maybe Aiden from GTA IV had an ancestor of the same name.

Sandy Shores has Red Dead Redemption locations as street names

Aerial view of Sandy Shores in GTA V (left) and the RDR 1 map showing New Austin and parts of Mexico

Sandy Shores is a small town located in the desert just outside of Los Santos. Remembering street names is the last thing most GTA players would do, but Red Dead Redemption fans will take note of Sandy Shores street names as they share them with locations in New Austin, an area of ​​Red Dead. Redemption.

There is a Cholla Springs Avenue named after an area of ​​New Austin as well as an Armadillo Avenue named after a western gaming town.

Red Dead Redemption’s Sasquatch hunter apparently has a descendant in GTA

The sasquatch hunter in RDR: Undead Nightmare (left) against that of GTA V (right)

Since the myth of the bigfoot GTA: San Andreas, Rockstar has fun with the myth of the sasquatch in its games. In the Undead Nightmare DLC for the first Red Dead Redemption, John Marston is tasked with tracking down a group of them by a hunter with a fur hat and a scar over his single eye.

Fast forward to GTA V and Franklin can meet his own sasquatch hunter once the player has completed the game 100%. This hunter has a similar looking fur hat with a scar on the same eye as Red Dead’s. The GTA hunter also says he hopes to make his great-grandfather proud. Could the Red Dead hunter be this guy’s great-grandfather?

UFOs in both games look alike


Red Dead Redemption and GTA are the last games where people expect to find aliens, but both have UFO Easter Eggs that you can find. Veterans of both games will note, however, that UFOs in both games have similar appearances to each other.

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In addition to having the classic flying saucer appearance, both spaceships have similar light patterns, especially towards the top and bottom of the ships. It seems like aliens have been examining Earth for quite some time now if GTA and Red Dead Redemption is anything to go by.

The double-action revolver treasure hunt in GTA: Online

DoubleActionRevolver-GTAV (1)

Ahead of the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar released an update that offered players a Treasure Hunt quest in GTA Online. Completing it rewards a Golden Double Action Revolver and a quest to get 50 headshots with the weapon. Completing this unlocks the weapon for use in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Effectively, if you get the game, the gun is there for Arthur to use and apparently confirms that the weapon in GTA Online is the same weapon Arthur used during his days in the Van Der Linde gang.

Edmund Lowry’s revolver is in both series

Lowry's revolver in GTA V (left) and RDR Online (right)

Edmund Lowry was a serial killer in Red Dead Redemption 2 that players could track down in the game’s story mode as a side mission. A revolver belonging to him can be found in Red Dead Online and has a disturbing appearance. It is silver with “you are next” written in what appears to be blood as well as pointing marks on the grip of the weapon.

The exact same weapon with the same look also managed to appear in GTA Online by hunting down and killing a serial killer in Blaine County who had it on him. These games love their serial killers.

The stone ax is also in both games

GTAO protagonists hold the stone ax (left) and a photo of it in RDR2 (right)

It’s not just the revolvers that appear in GTA and Red Dead Redemption, but also the hatchet. The Stone Ax appears in online editions of both games as a melee weapon.

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In Red Dead Redemption 2 it can be found at a Native American burial place, while in GTA Online it can be found by handing over five bounty hunting targets. It looks like the weapon managed to make its way to the San Andreas area at some point.

Kraff’s descendant appears in Red Dead Redemption 2

Drawing of the Descendant Kraff on the Epsilon site in GTA V (left) and Francis Sinclair in RDR2 (right)

Kraff is a deity associated with the Epsilon program in GTA V and is apparently capable of mystical and mysterious powers. In this series, they have descendants marked with a birthmark on their right eye.

Meanwhile, in Red Dead Redemption 2, players can meet Francis Sinclair, who lives in a cabin a bit north of Strawberry. Not only does he seem completely out of place in his accent and manners, but he also has a birthmark on his right eye. It is very possible that Francis Sinclair is in fact the descendant of Kraff.

Madame Nazar appears in GTA as a fortune teller

Madame Nazar in RDR against the Nazar machine in GTA Online

Madame Nazar is a traveling Red Dead Online collector who introduces the player to the Collectors Trade Route. She’s a strange woman who also seems to be sort of a medium.

In GTA Online, a fortune telling machine called Nazar has a woman who looks like Madam Nazar from Red Dead and also references this series. Notably, she refers to the strange man from the first Red Dead Redemption when saying that she sees a strange man with a top hat.

A book called Red Dead appears in GTA V

A book called Red Dead by J Marston sits on a shelf in GTA V.

An Easy-to-Miss Easter Egg is a book called Red Dead, which can be found on a shelf at Franklin’s house in GTA V. Looking at the shelf you will discover the book and the fact that it was written by a certain J. Marston. Now, it probably wasn’t Red Dead Redemption’s John Marston who wrote this, but rather his son Jack, who was being pushed towards a more honest and studious lifestyle.

That didn’t happen, obviously, but with any luck he was able to find the redemption his father found and then wrote this book not only about the exploits of the Van Der Linde gang, but also about the fact. to take revenge on the government for having betrayed his father.

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