Alien Invasive Species

Alien invasive species are one of the major threats to oceans worldwide

Most of the faunistic and floristic data on non-native species of Europe presently originates from harbours, intensively used shipping routes, and areas strongly influenced by multiple anthropogenic stressors (incl. aquaculture), whereas their contribution (e.g., distribution, abundance and biomass dynamics) to relatively pristine coastal and open-sea systems is still very weakly understood. Alien species colonise these areas by means of secondary spread from the locations of primary invasions in the newly invaded ecosystems and potentially cause similar ecological changes as in the areas affected by high anthropogenic stressors.

The marine Invasive Alien Species workshop was  first workshop to be funded by EuroCoML. The workshop was held in Oostende, Belgium from the 10 - 11 March 2006 and the workshop report is now available to be viewed online.

Presentations have been given at a number of different conferences and posters and papers are currently being prepared for submission, particularly to time with the Census of Marine Life finale in October 2010.

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