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A Decade of Discovery
First Census Shows Life in Planet Ocean is Richer, More Connected, More Impacted than Expected Culminating a 10-year exploration, 2,700 scientists from 80 ...
What Lives in the Sea>
The Census of Marine Life publishes historic roll call of species in 25 key ocean areas. Representing the most comprehensive and authoritative answer yet to ...
Marine scientists return with rare creatures from the deep
Exploring the Ocean Depths
New EuroCoML co-chairs
Ecological effects of ocean acidification
A major scientific breakthrough reveals the ecological effects of ocean acidification for the first time - using volcanic carbon dioxide vents.
Deep sea photographs
Deeper than light exhibition
Exhibition featuring the fascinating world of our deepest oceans makes its first voyage to the UK
Hungry sharks take strange walks to find food
Oceans Past: A Guide to Oceans Future
Ancient fish bones reveal the impacts of global warming beneath the sea
Census Scientists on 10-week Southern Ocean expedition
Deeper than Light
Warm-water fish species in the northern Baltic Sea
International Workshop on ribosomal RNA Technology
EPBRS E-conference
EuroCoML and friends go to the Science Festival
'New continent' and species discovered in Atlantic study
Affiliated Projects
CoML-MarBEF-EuroCoML modelling workshop
Francesc Pag├Ęs
MAR-ECO recieves EU Award
Antarctic Research
Marine Genomics Summer course
EUR-OCEANS Summer school
HMAP-Med in the news
Census of Marine Life in Italy
Nearshore Biodiversity History
EUR-OCEANS Summer school