EuroCoML and friends go to the Science Festival

EuroCoML, HERMES, MarBEF and MarLIN all joined forces to host a marine biodiversity exhibition, “From the shore to the depths of the ocean…” at the British Associations Festival of Science held in York (11 - 14 September 2007). The exhibition has been a resounding success with children and teachers alike interested to find out more about the sea.

The “beasts in jars!” went down a storm, particularly with those that had seen the film “Finding Nemo”; a large anglerfish was present to delight and horrify those that dared to come closer to inspect it. Some children sat completely absorbed, listening as the different animals were described ignoring the fact that this was the third or fourth time round that they were being told the same stories about the animals in jars.

The game, “Winners and Losers” was a success where children had to decide whether the animals on the cards would win or lose if their habitat changed e.g. due to climate change. Prizes of fridge magnets, sparkly pencils and sticky fluffy octopus were handed out to those that answered questions correctly and were highly sought after! 

Many children came back time and again bringing different groups of friends with them saying that this was the best stand in the hall – praise indeed!!


The four Education and Outreach project officers are:

EuroCoML – Bhavani Narayanaswamy

HERMES – Vikki Gunn

MarBEF – Roisin Nash

MarLIN – Guy Baker


Bhavani, Roisin and Vikki playing "Winners and Losers" and showing "Beasts in Jars" to the children

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