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"Life on the blue Planet: Biodiversity research and the new European Marine Policies"
1st-19th October 2007 The organisers of the Portuguese meeting of the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) and the BioStrat project coordinators invite you to participate in the electronic conference "Life on the blue planet: Biodiversity research and the new European Marine Policies" which will run from the 1st- 19th October 2007. The results of this electronic conference will be presented at the EPBRS delegates meeting in Porto, Portugal on the 7th-9th November 2007. This meeting aims to bring biodiversity experts and policy-makers together to identify the key knowledge required to effectively protect marine biodiversity whilst ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of marine resources. The meeting will identify and discuss the strategic research needed in the marine environment, particularly in light of new EU policies.

The E-conference preceding the Portuguese EPBRS meeting will focus on the three following issues:

  • Session I: Interactions between global change and marine biodiversity - what we know and need to know to allow for a more efficient protection of marine biodiversity and the sustainable use of the marine environment
  • Session II: Effects of the different measures of mitigation and adaptation to climate change (coastal defences, renewable energies) on marine biodiversity and the role of marine biodiversity and coastal ecosystems in the mitigation to climate change effects.
  • Session III: Stopping marine biodiversity loss - key scientific issues in the design, management and policy development related to MPAs; integration of biodiversity concerns in the different marine sectors; and reaching good environmental status in the marine environment.

The first 2 sessions will be chaired by Stephen Hawkins (Marine Biological Association), while the third session will be chaired by Ricardo Serrão Santos (University of the Azores).

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