Synthesis Committee

Structure and governance of EuroCoML

The synthesis committee was formed on the 17 March 2009. The committee was formed to help increase the outputs from EuroCoML, increase awareness amongst stakeholders and help publicise all that the Census and European Census of Marine Life had achieved.

More specifically, the EuroCoML synthesis committee will:

1) Produce European Regional synthesis papers,

2) Facilitate European contribution to SYNDEEP,

3) Produce pan-European level synthesis papers,

4) Facilitate access to data gathered from non-CoML projects for writing on the the pan-European synthesis papers,

5) Encourage post-2010 Census of Marine Life activities in Europe.


Click here to see a list of committee members.


The EuroCoML Executive and Scientific Steering Committees were dissolved at the end of 2008 and the Synthesis Committee was formed in their place. 


Click here for information regarding the Executive and Scientific Steering Committee aims and objectives

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