Cheap loan for car buying – see the offers

A cheap loan for buying a car is not only offered by numerous branch or direct banks, but also by most car banks. For this reason, it is usually very difficult to make clear statements about which loan is best suited for the specific financing requirement.

Every person who is interested in a car loan and wants to buy a new or used car should carry out a detailed loan comparison on the Internet. It would be ideal if a loan calculator were used. In this way it can be determined within a few minutes which car loan is currently the cheapest.

Cheap credit for buying a car – bank loans

Cheap credit for buying a car - bank loans

At first glance, many bank loans are considerably more expensive than those from the car dealership. However, this should not hide the fact that it is often easy to use a bank loan to act as a cash payer in the dealership and collect substantial discounts on the entire purchase price there. Not only for a new car, but also for a used car, these discounts can be in the double-digit percentage range.
A cheap loan for buying a car would be recognizable, among other things, by the fact that both the borrowing rate and the annual percentage rate are very low.

The latter includes not only the bank’s interest, but also the fees incurred when borrowing and throughout the term. If the effective annual interest rate is dependent on creditworthiness, all persons who can demonstrate excellent or very good creditworthiness can enjoy particularly favorable interest rates. All other people usually have to pay higher interest rates and should therefore seriously consider whether a credit-independent loan would not be a better alternative.

Cheap credit for buying a car – car banks

Cheap credit for buying a car - car banks

It is not uncommon for a cheap loan to buy a car from the car bank. It works together with the car dealership and is able to offer the customer a particularly favorable offer for financing a new or used car. In this context, however, care should be taken that the cash payer discount, which is almost always a matter of course for a bank loan, cannot be claimed here. In return, the car banks lure with low interest rates.

It should also take into account the fact that it is much easier to get a suitable loan from a car bank than from a German branch or direct bank. Anyone who is willing to pay a larger down payment for the car can significantly increase their chances of getting a car loan again. Regardless of whether it is a new or used car, there is a value for the loan amount.

Only when the car has been paid in full and the loan has been repaid in full will the car finally become the property of the buyer. Should he fall behind with one or more credit installments, the dealer would have the right to withdraw the car at any time.

Pay Car Loans Through the App

Having a car loan installment is not a pleasant thing is not it, because if late paying the principal interest debt will increase and make installments in the following month to be greater. To avoid this, of course you must record the due date of your car loan payment. Now you do not have to bother to record what date you have to pay credit installments if you use the application you can directly autobill from the application every month in the Giant application and you will also get a Giant score as an additional value of your credit score to the bank or leasing that will be connected With your bank account, don’t worry that every transaction is safe because it is monitored by a good security system.

Talking back and forth using a 4-wheeled vehicle, aka a car, there must be a lot of things that you should consider such as the safety and readiness of the driver to drive a vehicle over long distances with very long travel times and even days . If you leave with – of course there will be a lot to be prepared. One thing that must be prepared before going home is to prepare the condition of the vehicle.


Check Vehicle Conditions

Check Vehicle Conditions

The main and most important thing to do before going home is to check the condition of your vehicle first. Check the car or motorcycle to the nearest garage. The condition of your vehicle is the most important factor and has the most influence on your and your family’s safety when going home with a private vehicle.

For cars, try to check the engine, brakes, oil, air bag and wheels. For motorcycles, engines, brakes and motorcycle tires must be ensured in good condition. Do not underestimate this, because there are many accidents on the road because the condition of the vehicle is not suitable to be used for homecoming.


Obey Traffic

Obey Traffic

For motorcycle drivers, use SNI-standard helmets and always turn on the motorcycle lights. It’s best if you choose to obey traffic signs only and drive according to normal speed. No need to speed up or skid left-right, break through traffic signs, which later can lead to road accidents that harm your and your family’s safety.


Rest When Fatigue

Rest When Fatigue

Travel far and traffic will make the body tired. Don’t force yourself to continue driving if you are tired. Take time to rest at the nearest resting place, for example at the nearest gas station or nearby resting tents. Come back to drive when the body is back in shape. Have a safe and comfortable driving principle, so resting is an important consideration.


Complete the first aid kit

Complete the first aid kit

First aid kit only contains medicines for adults. If going home together -, be sure to also bring medicines for – such as heat-lowering drugs, thermometers, wound plasters, telon oil to vitamins to maintain the condition of the body to still have strong immunity when fatigue during homecoming.


Take advantage of Vehicle Safety Features

Vehicle Safety Features

Make sure the rear window is controlled from the front steering wheel. You can activate the child lock for both the window and the back door so that it is not easily opened and played by -. Make sure everything operates perfectly before going home.


Prioritize Congratulations

General facts on the ground, accidents that occur during the homecoming are more caused by negligence of the driver. To avoid unwanted things during the trip, you should prioritize safety when deciding to go home with a private vehicle. Remember, no need to be selfish when driving on the road, make good preparations so that this year’s homecoming is safe, comfortable, smooth and safe to your destination.

In addition to paying attention and checking the condition of your vehicle, last but not least, do not forget to make your car loan payment by using the Giant application that provides ease of payment and can increase credit score in the form of Giant score and also every time you make credit payments your credit score digital credibility stay awake. Where the scoring assessment will begin and the results are known.


Each of your data as a credit customer will have value as a reference for the guarantor in providing further assistance at a later time. The credit score function here is certainly very clear. For lenders, it will greatly assist the survey process and the amount of the loan that will be approved in the future if you want to make a larger loan or credit.

Don’t miss this summer’s campaign with message loans!

Didn’t the summer budget go as you expected? Announcement loans have this summer’s best loan offer for fast loans. If you apply for a quick loan of USD 2000 to USD 6500, Message loan extends your repayment period at no extra cost. You do not have to repay the loan until August 30th. This will give you more time to repay the loan if your budget does not last this summer or something unexpected happens.

Extended repayment period with summer campaign at essage Loans

Extended repayment period with summer campaign at essage Loans

When summer plans do not follow the budget you have, summer can easily feel ruined. Maybe you planned for the sun but the rain was pouring down or suddenly the grill broke? Sometimes things don’t happen for you. At these times, quick loans can be an option.

The summer promotion applies to all loans where you choose a part payment and this is done automatically. There is no extra charge and no other fees apply. You have all July to qualify for the promotion. This means that the longer the repayment period you receive, the sooner you apply for a loan.

You can apply for the promotion throughout the month of July.

How much can I borrow in the campaign?

How much can I borrow in the campaign?

Message loans have a few but simple requirements in the campaign. It is easy to fulfill these and thus qualify for a longer term. There is no extra charge and no hidden fees will be added.

The minimum amount you can borrow with an extended repayment period is USD 2000. You can apply for up to USD 6500. You also need to choose to repay the loan on a payment. You do not then have to repay the loan until August.

We recommend that you review your financial situation before you borrow. It is never good to borrow over its ability to repay. You should therefore be sure that you can repay the loan within the term. If the repayment is late, the lender can add late fees and in the worst case you can get payment remarks.

Borrow with Message loans today



Kiele has a holiday last week in July and the Swedish summer has only offered rain. He has saved money to be able to do something fun on his holiday but it is not enough to escape the rain. To be able to go to the Mediterranean during his vacation, he needs a supplement in the holiday cash register.

He sees the summer campaign at message loans where he gets an extended repayment period. It fits perfectly as he knows he can repay the loan with the next salary. He therefore applies for a loan of USD 6500 on July 12 to pay his trip.

Since Kiele has the same bank as message loans and applies during their opening hours, he receives the money within 15 minutes of his application being granted. Kiele will receive an invoice due on August 30 of USD 7133.

Since he applied in mid-July, he has more than 1.5 months to pay.

Summary of Summer Campaign

Summary of Summer Campaign

The summer promotion is offered by Message Loans and you are given extra time to repay a loan that meets their criteria.

  • The refund must be made in a refund
  • The loan must be granted during the month of July
  • The loan must be between USD 2000 and USD 6500

If you meet these simple requirements, you will receive a maturity on your loan until 2019-08-30 at no extra cost.

Apply at Message Loans here

How to adapt to a sudden loss of income? – Apply for a loan now!

 Causes of loss of income

Causes of loss of income

Whether you are an employee on a permanent contract, an employee with a fixed-term contract (CDD) or that you multiply more precarious contracts (such as temporary work), no one is immune to loss of income sudden.

Because of an economic layoff, an accident or even, in a less dark register, a professional retraining, your income can suddenly change. Whatever the reason, the result is as follows: you will have to deal with a reduced budget in the coming months. Don’t panic, take a look at your finances and study together the solutions to reduce the impact of this loss.

What methods are available to you to compensate for a loss of income?

What methods are available to you to compensate for a loss of income?

First step, faced with a loss of income, learn about your rights. Depending on the source of the loss, you may be able to benefit from state aid. If you are sick, it will be Social Security benefits, if you are dismissed, unemployment benefit…

The only downside of these aids: like any administrative process, they require the creation of files. They can therefore take up to several months to be processed. Be aware that in most cases, the date of the first filing will be taken. You will therefore be reimbursed the amounts due to you during the processing period.

How to reduce expenses to a minimum?

How to reduce expenses to a minimum?

Besides aid, it is expenditure that must be tackled. It is important to reduce them, in order to adapt them to your new income. Many organizations have programs designed to accommodate clients in financial difficulty.

Contact your creditors. With a certificate proving your situation, EDF offers, for example, a First Necessity rate. Even if you do not think you can get a reduction in your charges, it is always good to keep creditors informed during financial difficulties.

They will be all the more inclined to grant you payment terms if you do not put them before the fait accompli. Here are some expense items that you can easily reduce:

  • Credit monthly payments. If you have a loan in the process of being repaid, you can renegotiate it and reduce your monthly payments. You can also consider consolidating credits and completely reschedule your repayment. Certain contracts allow the repayment to be paused and to be shifted accordingly for one month or several months;
  • Reduce your daily expenses. You will not be able to stop eating, of course, but you can for example consider stopping a satellite TV subscription, or reduce your consumption of video games, or even music or cinema offers. A good opportunity to find offers at lower prices, sometimes with better value for money;
  • Talk to your banker. Your financial advisor can suggest specific solutions to make up for your lack of income. He can increase your overdraft or offer you a bank card suited to your needs.

How to anticipate a possible loss of income?

How to anticipate a possible loss of income?

We have seen the solutions to act after a loss of income. It is also possible to anticipate these difficulties. If you cannot foresee an illness or a job loss, you can however take some security measures today as far as your finances are concerned.

Establishing a budget for each of its monthly expenses and recording its expenses is therefore a step in the right direction. This eliminates any unnecessary purchases and takes stock of its resources.

Thanks to this clear vision of your budget, you will be able to reserve part of your income to place it on a savings product and avoid overdrafts. Even if you manage to save only a few USD every month, they will be available in the event of a hard blow. Finally, limit your debt and for each of your credits remember to check the extent of your insurance. There are no small savings.

Student Loan – Get cheap loan now

Schoolchildren will also have consumer preferences, regardless of whether an iPhone, branded clothes or a scooter is required. But how should the student finance? There are loans that are given without proof of income. For example, the instant loan, see here:

If you are a student, there is a requirement. You should have reached the age of eighteen. Otherwise, the law does not authorize student credit. The possibilities that an 18 year old student has are still limited. The creditworthiness is low, the loan amount will not exceed a certain level and the refinancing measures are slowed down. Nevertheless, there are simple options here. For example, a guarantee. In this way, the parents can act as guarantors for the pupil and thus offer sufficient security for the banking institution. In addition, students who have reached the age of 18 can provide a small income through part-time jobs or, if necessary, leave saved money as a deposit. Many banking institutions are not averse to passing on smaller loans on the basis of these requirements.

Which loan option is suitable?

Which loan option is suitable?

Since it is a smaller loan amount, only two loan options are possible. On the one hand the small loan and of course the instant loan. The small loan amounts to a small loan amount, which is also possible with an instant loan. If it is a larger sum, for example, 3000 USD, then an immediate loan for students is necessary. In the case of an instant loan, it should always be ensured that a cheap financing concept is used. This means that the expenditure can be compared with income. It is also important to look for simple financing models that can provide a good overview. So a profitability forecast that can adapt to the rate model with the potential income of the student, for example through newspaper delivery or pocket money. This enables students to learn very quickly what it means to take out a student loan.

Find a cheap loan

Find a cheap loan

Finding a suitable loan is not always easy. There are countless loan providers and everyone has different interest rates. A comparison helps to filter out the cheapest provider from a larger portfolio. Since comparisons can be carried out independently, free of charge and without obligation, comparisons are the simplest, fastest and most effective option. A prerequisite that is extremely important and valuable for finding high-performing tariffs.

We are here to help. Let us hear from you about any financial needs.

Want Bank Car Loans Without Usury?


Want to buy a car by installments, but unwilling to use flowers?

Want to buy a car by installments, but unwilling to use flowers?

If so, just pay using Islamic car loans. Guaranteed, you are only asked to pay the principal without interest.

Especially now, banks which from the beginning offered conventional services, now many have provided sharia services. Starting from Islamic savings, Islamic deposits, gold pawns, gold installments, to Islamic financing, where one of them is Islamic car loan services.

In Cream Bank, financing motor vehicles or car loans using the Good Finance system. For information, Good Finance is a sale and purchase agreement between an Cream Bank and a customer.

In the contract, the types and quantity of goods will be explained later. There continues to be details regarding the profit margins that banks take in exchange for interest.

For example, a bank buys a car that you want for USD 300 million. Then the car was handed over to you for USD 310 million. That means the bank took a profit margin of Rp 10 million. At this point, you understand how Cream Bank can profit?

Just like car loans in general, Islamic car loans also apply the repayment tenor. The maximum tenor is up to 5 years.

Interested in buying a new car with Islamic car loans? Here are some credit options you can take.

1. Motorized Vehicle Financing

1. BSM Motorized Vehicle Financing

Bank Mandiri Syariah (BSM) claims that they are ready to provide lightweight car loan installments and are supported by more than 3,000 dealers.

BSM Motorized Vehicle Financing is intended for the purchase of new cars. The maximum repayment period of this Islamic car loan is 60 months or 5 years.

The requirements for applying for BSM Motorized Vehicle Financing, namely:

  • The applicant has a regular income each month.
  • Minimum age of 21 years and a maximum of 55 years.
  • Apart from submitting themselves, they can also be submitted collectively.

These are the documents that must be submitted when applying for this car loan.

  • Photocopy of identification in the form of KTP or SIM.
  • Photocopy of family card.
  • A certificate from the workplace signed by an authorized official.
  • Salary slip.
  • The description of the vehicle purchased includes the type of vehicle, the year of manufacture, and the price of the vehicle.
  • Photocopy of special marriage certificate already married.
  • Letter of approval from wife or husband.

2. SRB Al Salaam Islamic car loan

If the Islamic car loan at BPRS Al Salaam, you will be able to offer installments that are not volatile and various promos.

Just like Bank Mandiri sharia car loans, BPRS Al Salaam Car Loans also provide a maximum tenor of up to 60 months or 5 years. In addition to financing for new cars, BPRS Al Salaam also serves financing for used cars.

The requirements for applying for an Al Salaam Car Loan SRB, namely:

  • Status as an Indonesian citizen and have a source of income.
  • Business entities may apply for this credit.

Here are the documents that you must submit to get this car loan.

  • Complete the application letter for credit application.
  • Photocopy of KTP.
  • Photocopy of husband / wife’s KTP (personal).
  • Photocopy of family card (personal).
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate or divorce (personal).
  • Photocopy of salary slip for the past 3 months or certificate of income (personal).
  • Bank account in the last 3 months.
  • Photocopy of business statement (business entity)
  • Proof of home ownership such as land certificate / land certificate / girik / AJB / SPPT PBB.
  • Photocopy of STNK, BPKB and KTP of old car owners.
  • Photocopy of SIM A.

3. BNI Oto iB Hasanah

Good Bank provides sharia car loan services with a number of advantages. Starting from financing from USD 5 million to USD 1 billion, a mild down payment, to the selling price that does not change until paid off.

Good Bank car loans also provide a tenor of up to 60 months or 5 years. What are the conditions for applying for BNI Oto iB Hasanah?

  • Status as citizen.
  • Have a steady income with a minimum service period of 2 years.
  • Complete the form that must be submitted.

4. What are the conditions for applying for Islamic car loans?

  • Indonesian citizen status.
  • Minimum age of 21 years and a maximum of 55 years.
  • Already worked for 2 years.

These documents must be prepared to take care of car loans.

  • Photocopy of KTP.
  • Photocopy of husband / wife’s KTP.
  • Photocopy of family card.
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate / divorce.
  • Photocopy of NPWP or SPT.
  • Photocopy of SIUP (entrepreneur).
  • Photocopy of Company Registration Certificate (TDP) (entrepreneur).
  • Photocopy of practice license (profession).
  • Photocopy of deed of establishment (entrepreneur).
  • Salary slip or income statement (employee).
  • Photocopy of account for the last 3 months.
  • Original employment certificate (employee).

That was the choice of Islamic car loans that you can submit. Feel the information above is incomplete? You can find out directly by calling the bank call center numbers above. Hopefully the information above helps!

Credit software for employees of private companies

When you use our services, you are providing us with your information. We understand this is a big responsibility and we work hard to protect this information and put you in control.

This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update, manage, export, and delete this information.



We want you to understand the types of information we collect when you use our services. We collect information to provide better services to all our users, including discovering basic things, mobile network information, including carrier name and phone number. We also collect information about the interaction including IP address, bug reports, system activity, as well as the date, time, and URL of your request. We collect this information when our application is used on your device to contact our servers.

We also collect telephone registration information, such as phone number, name, email address of customer queuing or booking, time and date of sending SMS’s and messages. We store the information of waiting time and time spent by the customer in the establishment.



We use data to create better services and to enable effective use of the application. This information we collect in all our services described is to enable all services that require our application.

This information maintains and has improved our services. We also use the information to ensure that our services function as expected. Develop new services we collect from existing services in the development of other services. Collected information also helps in the security and protection of stored data.



We incorporate security into our services to protect your information. All of our products are designed with solid security features that continually protect your information. The insights we receive from maintaining our services help us automatically detect and block security threats. And if we detect something dangerous and worthy we will act with our support to maintain security.

We work to protect unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of the information we hold, including: the use of encryption to keep your data private while in transit; offering a variety of security features such as Safe Browsing, security scanning and 2-step verification, information storage and processing practices, including physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our systems; the restriction on access to personal information by employees, contractors and representatives.

No credit history, how to get a cheap loan with an empty “BIK”?


In the lives of most of us, there comes a moment when we most often use banking credit products. How do you get a cash loan if you have never repaid anything before? Is the lack of credit history really problematic for banks? The problem in this situation is quite low credibility with banks, these institutions do not trust clients from the so-called blank card. In the article, we will try to advise you what steps to take at the beginning of your credit path. How to get the cheapest cash or consolidation loans available on the market in the future.

What is the reason for a bank’s refusal to loan if there is no credit history?

What is the reason for a bank

Despite stable employment, the client is refused by the bank, why? From the bank’s perspective, there is a risk that the customer will fail to pay. It is completely different when the customer has already recorded liabilities in the repayment history and the bank sees regular repayments. In situations where there is no credit history, banks are able to grant relatively low amounts. If a client applies for USD 50,000, he may be refused only because the bank does not, as a rule, lend people from the so-called empty BIK for such large amounts. It may turn out that the maximum amount is about USD 15,000.

In this situation, it is worth seeking help from a credit intermediary. From among several dozen banks, the client is not able to choose the one who will easily offer him the expected amount. The advantage of advisors’ knowledge is important here, in the case of a client with stable employment amounts for a person without a credit history are up to USD 120,000. As for the refusal, it’s also worth checking your debtors’ bases (KRD and BIG). Many clients forget, for example, about an unpaid fine 5 years ago. It happens that because of such seemingly insignificant things, the bank refuses to grant the customer a loan.

When does credit history appear?

When does credit history appear?

The Credit Information Bureau collects all information about the repayment of our obligations. The institution processes such important information as bank inquiries (in detail on what day for what amount we asked for a loan in a particular bank) and monthly payments of our installments.

If the customer is 2 days late with payment of the installment, BIK will immediately note this fact. So the story appears after 1 month of repayment of any bank liability. However, the BIK score will not appear until 6 months of repayment of such a loan. This appearance of scoring causes banks to treat the customer as someone with a credit history .

It is also worth noting that liabilities from the non-banking sector will not cause credit history, this will only be generated by banking products. Nevertheless, if the customer has non-bank loans outstanding and in arrears, they can effectively prevent obtaining a bank loan .

How do you make a good credit history?

How do you make a good credit history?

There are many ways to generate a credit history. You can also do it without additional costs. Two good ways are:

  • Credit Card – smaller amounts are awarded even without income documents, based on turnover in the account or the fact that we are the bank’s customers. Regulating it in a timely manner does not entail costs and it shapes our credit history.
  • Many stores offer loans with 0% APRC, which means that we don’t pay for it. Even if you have money to pay cash USD 100 for an iron, USD 2,000 for a TV set, take these products in installments. This procedure will allow you to get much cheaper loans in the future than those offered without a credit history. Any home electronics product is a good idea here, of course, bearing in mind timely repayments. Setting an automatic transfer order in your account will definitely help.

Young people and bank loan, what is the minimum age to get a bank loan?

Young people and bank loan, what is the minimum age to get a bank loan?

The ideal customer for the bank is a 40-year-old couple, both of whom work in a budget, on a contract of employment for at least 4 years without children. Preferably still owning a flat. Perfect clients, however, are rare, which is why banks have to deal with it. A young 20-year-old person is not a dream customer for a bank offering loans, but is still the person on whom the bank can earn. Therefore, the sideburns agree to credit 18 or 19 year olds. It is worth turning to a proven credit broker in this case. Not every bank will accept such a young person.

In some banks, the minimum age of a credit customer is 21 years, in others 19. The minimum age to get a loan in several banks is 18 years. Having an income document confirming the earnings from the last 3 months, the bank is able to agree to credit the customer. It should be remembered that a loan for 18-year-olds will agree at most 3-4 banks out of several dozen. A lot more room for maneuver appears when the customer is 21 years old.

Pensioner and no credit history

Pensioner and no credit history

What about older people who have never had a need to take credit? How do banks look at such clients? Despite the fact that such persons can have a stable income such as retirement or disability pension, banks do not approach them as clients. To start with, credit offers offer significantly lower amounts than people with a credit history. Banks are wary of clients because they are afraid that they may have had their credit history cleared.

Such a procedure consists in applying for cessation of information processing in banks. The effect is to delete negative entries in the BIK. Banks where the customer did not have loans do not see such a bad credit history. Therefore, banks will carry out extensive verification of older customers who have never had loans before.

Mortgage and no credit history

Mortgage and no credit history

Shaping your credit history is not so important when applying for a mortgage. In this banking product, the loan is secured by real estate, therefore the bank does not pay so much attention to the lack of repayment history of credit obligations.

Which banks give loans without a credit history?

Which banks give loans without a credit history?

Basically all, there are no secrets here. If the customer has a confirmed income, he has never had problems with paying his debts, he has no entries in the debtors’ databases, he should get a loan everywhere. These will not be large amounts, banks set different limits for new borrowers, but there should be no problem with the mere fact of obtaining a loan.

If you have questions, please contact our advisers. They will help both young people get a bank loan and the elderly. They will choose the cheapest offer available on the market. For us, a lack of credit history is not a problem.

Last straight line to renegotiate your mortgage.

With interest rates starting to go up, it’s time to renegotiate your mortgage to try to save a few USD or even a lot more.

The art of negotiation

The art of negotiation

It had to happen. Real estate interest rates have started to rise. And for those who have not yet done so, it is high time to embark on a renegotiation of your mortgage.

The rates remain very low and, for many loans, the game is always worth the effort. Over 10 years, rates are still around 1.1%, 1.3% over 15 years, 1.6% over 20 years and do not exceed 2% over 25 years.

Expect difficult negotiations, however. Few banks accept to reduce the interest rate on an already negotiated loan. You will surely have to make an effort to get a drop other than symbolic. Generally banks appreciate a long-term commitment, such as taking out a home or auto insurance contract, or even life insurance.

But if you see that the negotiation is blocked, do not hesitate to play the competition and to consider a repurchase of credit, even if it is to be assisted by a broker.

Beware of fees

Beware of fees

To be sure of making a profitable transaction, you will need to integrate the various costs involved in a credit buyout. Between the prepayment penalties, representing 3% of the principal remaining due, but limited to a maximum of 6 months of interest, the cost of the guarantee on the new loan and the possible handling fees, we generally consider that the rate spread must be at least 0.7%.

The repurchase of credit should only be chosen if you plan to keep your property for several more years, and if the capital remaining due is at least $ 70,000. The more recent your credit, the more advantageous the operation since the first repayments carry the most interest compared to the principal.

For those who have borrowed since 2012, the savings could amount to several tens of thousands of USDand some are already in their second or even third renegotiation.